Hello and welcome to my blog, A Dose Of JavaScript.

My imagination tells me that my experience with JavaScript isn’t all that unique. It tells me that possibly, many of you, likewise, arrived at embracing JavaScript as a serious programming language in a similar and roundabout fashion as I did.

What I mean is that I never woke up one day with the intention of actually sitting down and learning the language until about 2 years ago and up until then I used it mostly as a cut and paste language when I needed some functionality in the browser. But no matter how you and I got here, we have arrived and I have to say, speaking for myself, that I have come through it having acquired a profound respect and passion for the language.

This journey of mine has taught me a few things. For one, I have come to see JavaScript as an incredibly expressive and functional language. For another, JavaScript has humbled me for JavaScript is one of the most difficult programming languages that I’ve had to learn and deal with, due to it being a prototype-based object oriented language and my previous experiences having only afforded me the opportunity of working with the more common class-based object oriented languages.

As a writer and developer I need an outlet to express and share my experiences and passions about the technologies that I am most interested in and involved with. Here, at A Dose Of JavaScript, is where I intend to do just that, but with a singular focus on JavaScript. I hope that you will join me, one dose of JavaScript at a time.

Jeff Schwartz
Developer At Large


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